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Hollywood Celebrities Who Have The Weirdest Of Weird Phobias!

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Fear doesn't spare anyone. We have all experienced one or the other kind of fear while growing up. It wasn't until we grew older that we realized what these fears meant. Many a time, we tend to rather not pay attention to certain things that scared us when we were younger.

For instance, some fear entering water even before experiencing the feeling of stepping into it. Some would have developed the fear towards water after having a very unpleasant, sometimes life threatening experience.

Irrespective of what the reason is, these fears are termed as phobias. Fear of water is Hydrophobia, Fear of worms is Helminthophobia, fear of enclosed space is known as Claustrophobia and many more. Many of us aren't aware of what phobias we have.

Hollywood celebrities whom we consider to be the bravest of all for the kind of stunts they perform or the roles they play, have phobias, too. There are a few phobias that scare the life out of these celebrities. Like Jennifer Aniston, who has fear of flying.

You wouldn't believe who the other celebrity with the same phobia as Aniston's was! Michael Jackson, the pop music legend had Aerophobia, too. The fear of flight or flying. We wonder how these celebrities managed to commute via air.

Another celebrity with a very eerie phobia is Billy Bob Thornton. He is afraid of old furniture. He once told in an interview that,"I get creeped out and I can't breathe and I can't eat around it,I've had friends tell me that maybe I was beaten to death with an antique chair in a former life."

The veteran actor Woody Allen tops the list with maximum number of phobias. Allen is afraid of insects, sunshine, dogs, deer, bright colors, children, heights, small rooms, crowds, cancer. He is even afraid of places. All the places but Manhattan.

Below are a few more Hollywood celebrities with the weirdest of Phobias. Get ready for a fear filled ride:

Pamela Anderson - Spectrophobia

While may women would die to look like Pamela Anderson when they see themselves in the mirror, the actress hates looking in the mirror. She has Spectrophobia, fear of mirrors.

David Beckham - Ataxophobia

The former English soccer team captain, David Beckham with a very beautiful family and a successful life isn't a huge fan of disorder. David has Ataxophobia, the fear of things not being organized. He also suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Scarlett Johansson - Katsaridaphobia

The 30 years old American actress, Scarlett Johhanson who has starred in action movies such as Captain America, fears a very little creature that could do no harm. Cockroaches frighten the actress. She has Katsaridaphobia.

Johnny Depp – Coulrophobia

You couldn't guess in your wildest dreams what the Pirates Of the Caribbean Sea actor is scared of! Johhny Depp fears clowns. The fear of clowns is known as Coulrophobia.

Nicole Kidman - Lepidopterphobia

Nicole Kidman, who wasn't scared of the scary things like ghosts and murders, is scared of butterflies! If a butterfly flies past Nicole, her heart skips a beat, but out of fear. The fear of butterflies is known as Lepidopterphobia.

Orlando Bloom – Swinophobia

The 38 years old English has a very rare and bizarre phobia. Orlando Bloom has a fear of pigs! The fear is called Swinophobia. A person suffering from this phobia wouldn't even go close to pigs, let alone eat them.

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