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7 Richest Hollywood Celebrities Under 25 Who Earn Big Bucks!

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The new generation of singers, actors and reality TV stars in Hollywood are annually earning more than one could ever earn in their lifetime! These celebrities have sure learned the fun way to being wealthy unlike the stereotypical ones.

The youngest of the young, like Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, famously known for her role 'Lily' in the award-winning show, Modern Family, has a current net worth of an estimated $1 million!The actor is just 7 years old.

Take for instance, Kylie Jenner, the 18-year-old reality TV star, has a net worth of about $5 million!
The youngest of the Kardashians, is known for her famous spending habit. She pays $5000 on a Chinese take away and has a pup worth $50,000.

This is the earning status of the celebrities under 18. Just take a moment and try imagining in what numbers a little older celebrities could be possibly earning? Well, let us tell you, it's way beyond your imaginations!

The 23 years old singer/actor, Selena Gomez has a net worth $16 Million. The actress while starring in the Disney show, 'Wizards of Waverly Place', was getting paid up to $ 30,000 per episode. She's made bigger bucks through her music.

Demi Lovato, also Selena Gomez's childhood buddy is no less in being known for her wealth. The singer/ actress who started off her career in Disney and other ABC shows became more popular through her music. Her net worth is approximately, $15 Million.

Among the male actors and singers, there's Taylor Lautner, the 23 years old 'Twilight' actor whose net worth is about $40 Million. Nick Jonas, the 22 years old musician possesses about $18 Million. Well, this definitely does raise the question of gender gap pay in Hollywood! 

Besides the rich celebrities mentioned above, we have further chosen the 7 richest of all the celebrities who are hardly 25 years of age. The list below gives you an idea about the biggest of big bucks earned by these 7 celebrities:

Justin Bieber

Yup! It's none other than the Beiber who's ruling the world of bills and Dollars. The 21 years old Canadian singer has a net worth of $200 Million! The pop-sensation who started off his career through YouTube channel now stands on the top in the list.

Taylor Swift

The 25 years 'Bad Blood' singer, Taylor Swift has a net worth of $180 Million. Taylor is the owner of so much wealth in spite of donating so much towards her philanthropic works. Recently she surprised her 6 year-old fan suffering from cancer.

Miley Cyrus

We shouldn't be surprised by Miley's net worth of $165 Million! The 22 years old singer/actress known for her bizarre things she does, has also managed to make that her earning for living.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe, the 25 years old English actor who recently opened up about a lot of things during his interview has a net worth of $100 Million. The actor earned his fame through the 'Harry Potter' series.

Kristen Stewart

3 years ago, Kristen Stewart  was the highest grossing actress of the year, according to Forbes. The 24 years old 'Twilight' actress has a net worth of $ 70 Million and continues to add more to her account as her movies hit the big screen!

Emma Watson

One of the leads actors of 'Harry Potter' series, the 24 years old Emma Watson has a net worth of $60 Million. Recently she's been busy with her women right and feminist movements.

Jennnifer Lawrence

The 'Hunger Games' and 'Silver Lining Playbook', Academy award-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence has a net worth of $53.9 Million. The 25 years old actress is known for her sense of humour and recently for writing a letter to 'Leny' on gender inequality in Hollywood.

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