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Meryl Streep's Shocking Revelations On King Kong Audition at The Graham Norton Show

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She has been one of the best American actresses who is more like a legend.Everyone loves Meryl Streep. From Barack Obama to Julia Roberts, every star feels that Meryl is an epitome of perfection.

However, Meryl Streep has revealed that she lost a role in the 'King Kong' movie because the producer thought she was ugly. The 65-year-old actress, who is one of the most awarded star in Hollywood with 18 Academy and 29 Golden Globes nominations to her credit, said told Graham Norton on his show that it was sobering to be dismissed like that.

Streep was asked to audition for the film by producer Dino De Laurentis' son after he saw her in a play. As the actress stood before the two men, Laurentis blurted out in Italian, 'Why do you bring me this ugly thing?'. He was not aware that Streep knew Italian.

Recalling that embarrassing audition for King Kong, Meryl Streep said Graham Norton that it was "Very sobering as a young girl."

Meryl Streep Shocking Revelations On King Kong & Golden Globes at The Graham Norton Show

"I'm sorry I'm not beautiful enough to be in 'King Kong'!," Streep told Laurentis after his remark. Jessica Lange was eventually cast to play Dwan in the 1976 film.

Meryl also spoke about Hollywood opinion about actresses above 40 while talking about her role of a witch in the musical 'Into The Woods'. "This is my first witch. When I turned 40 I was offered three witches in one year. And it sent me a signal about how Hollywood felt about people turning 40 and I felt bad, it put my back up and I didn't want to play them. Now I am more age appropriate!,' Streep said.

Into The Woods won Meryl a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical or Comedy, but was beaten by Boyhood's Patricia Arquette.

On the GrahamNorton Show, Meryl also revealed that she was lactating when she won her first Golden Globe! Back in 1980, Streep said the ceremony was a "little afternoon event recorded on CCTV for the LA County area [in the US] only," which started at lunchtime and went on "forever".

"I was there for Kramer vs. Kramer just after giving birth to my first child. In those days they didn't lend dresses and I didn't have any money to buy something so I wore my wedding dress," she explained.

"It was a perfectly nice white silk dress, but the luncheon went on and I was breastfeeding and two o'clock came, three o'clock came, and boom! I started to lactate. In a white silk dress. It was not good and I sat with my arms crossed over my chest, they called my name and I walked to the stage with my arms crossed and accepted the award one-handed, while still covering my breasts. They must have thought I was so odd. It was so embarrassing. But only to LA County - no one else saw," Meryl Streep recalled.

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