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6 Best Hollywood Love Songs from 2010 Till Date!

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Music has the power to create one and at the same time destroy the other. A certain kind of song close to our heart helps us make memories. The musicians posses the art of hypnotizing their fans with their melodies!

Hollywood music is bigger than any other. It's an industry where the musicians earn more than the actors. When one makes such big bucks, they ought to make good music, don't they? Well, that's what many musicians do.

The choice of music is vast. You have infinite categories to choose your favorite songs from. Be it, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Country or Rhythm and Blues. The list just goes on. But there's always that one favorite love song we all have.

These romantic and emotional songs can make us smile or cry, reminding those special moments we had with our loved ones. These songs are so strongly associated with the memories, that we can't stop ourselves from going back in time and cherishing the past.

For instance, Whitney Houston's 'Always Love You' would make the single people weep, too. It's so beautifully sung and composed. You needn't have to be in love with someone to enjoy that song on a rainy day sitting by the window.

Gym Class Heroes 'Stereo Hearts' would make you want to get on feet and move along the song. Jame Blunt's 'You're So Beautiful' would make any girl feel like a princess. And One Direction's, 'What Makes You So Beautiful' is just wow!

The Rock bands haven't stayed behind in making the songs that would make your heart skip a beat. For instance, Coldplay's 'Yellow' is just too sweet to be ignored. And how could one not think of Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' while speaking of romance.

Bruno Mars' 'Marry You' would make all the single ladies put a ring on their fingers. Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' has all that's needed to make you pour your heart out. These songs aren't limited to any particular age group or gender.

Below we have chosen top 6 Hollywood love songs from 2010 till date. These melodies wouldn't fail in making you go back in time and think of your loved ones.

Bruno Mars: 'Just The Way You Are' 2010

Bruno Mars' solo single debut romantic song, grabbed the first position on both U.S and U.K charts. The lyrics are just so beautiful and lovely! The song was featured on the TV show Glee.

Adele: 'Rolling In The Deep' 2011

The song is written, composed and sung by the English singer Adele. It is quite impossible for anyone to not know of this song! Adele's brilliant deep voice will take you to a different world! 'Rolling In The Deep' was first on the charts.

Gotye Feat Kimbra : 'Somebody That I Used To Know' 2012

The song is written/composed by the Australian musician Gotye and co-sung by Kimbra. The lyrics are modern are totally represent the modern age relationship issues. Many reality shows worldwide had the song featured.

Miley Cyrus: 'Wrecking Ball' 2013

Miley Cyrus' come back super hit, 'Wrecking Ball' represents the ups and downs of a relationship. The song broke all the records and rose the singer to fame. Miley became every household's talk soon after the release of this song.

John Legend : 'All Of Me' 2014

'All Of Me' features John Legend and his beloved wife, Chrissy Teigen in the video. The song is too well composed and beautiful shot. It represents the unconditional love that could exist in a relationship.

Adele : 'Hello' 2015

Adele's latest single and the billboard ruling song was released less than a month ago. The song broke many records including VEVO which was earlier topped by Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood'. This new song of Adele's is a make up song.

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