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6 Best Kim Kardashian's Halloween Costumes Till Date

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Halloween is here again! It's the time of the year where you get to see many celebrities as beauties and beasts. One of our favorites is Kim Kardashian, who is always known for her fashion statements. Ever wondered what her Halloween costumes are like?

The Kardashians have already made a lot of news this year when Halloween is just around the corner. Whether it be Lamar's medical condition, Khloe's divorce dismissal, Kim's theme based baby shower or Kylie's new bulldog pup! 

Now the ladies are all set to makesome news with their Halloween costumes. Starting with Kourtney, who earlier this week, posted a picture dressed as the Wonder Woman and all her children in superheroes' costume.

North West was dressed as a unicorn, with Kourtney last week. Just a while ago Kim posted a picture of North and Penelope dressed as the characters from the Disney movie 'Frozen'. Little North West as Elsa and Penelope as Anna. 

Kendall Jenner proved to be no less by dressing up as the pregnant Kim. She posted a picture of herself sporting a fake baby bump. The Jenner sisters who were busy with their app promotions and Balmain launch have got involved in Halloween celebrations now. 

Among all the girls in the house, the 35 years old, Kim Kardashian ,who recently celebrated her birthday  is known for her fashion statements. She knows to carry herself well anytime, and manages to look gorgeous even while carrying a baby.

Her fans are sure waiting to see what costume their reality TV star is going to choose for Halloween this year. But, we can assure you that it isn't going to be an easy guess. It's hard to imagine in your wildest of dreams what Kim has on her mind!

So we thought, now that there's very little time left for the Halloween and since Kim hasn't showcased herself to the fans in any costume, why not go through all her Halloween costumes from the previous years?

Below are the 6 best Halloween Costumes of Kim that's going to be a feast for your eyes!

The Wonder Woman

When Kim dressed as the Wonder Woman, she made all the other superheroes look very unappealing. Kim looked absolutely sexy! The long black tresses added more sparkles to her costume.

The Little Red Riding Hood

Kim looks like she's come alive from the Fairy tale itself! Her height actually made her look like the Little Red Riding Hood. But, she looks less innocent and more notorious. The smile makes her look like she has an evil plan on mind.

The Cheetah

Have you ever wondered what a hot female cheetah would like? Here you go! She looks like the queen of cheetahs in a jungle. A gorgeous one, of course! She's literally re-defined the cheetah's look.

The Jasmine

Except that Kanye doesn't look anything like the Aladdin! The American beauty managed to look Arabic in this costume of Jasmine. Even the professional belly dancer of Abu Dhabi would shy away looking at Kim's Jasmine attire.

The Mermaid

With the Blonde tresses Kim doesn't really look half human and half fish! But, she definitely looks stunning. The reality star looks like a human mermaid barbie doll.

The Cat Woman

Clad in black entirely, Kim is seen standing with Kanye. While Kanye stands with very little or no expression, she poses fiercely with her claws open. If only a Cat Woman looked so good. You wish!

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