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6 Hollywood Divas Who Are Addicted To Tobacco

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Smoking tobacco isn't a unique scene in the West. And,neither are the women stared at for smoking in public spaces. Though it is a very usual and dangerous habit among the human population, it is quite surprising to imagine our actresses do so.

It is harder to imagine our favorite female singers smoke as smoking tobacco is believed to affect the voice. How can the singers afford to lose their voice to a mere cigarette? Well, it is more of an addiction than a habit!

We have seen celebrities smoke on-screen as a part of their role, sometimes mouth fagging for photo shoots and similar acts. But, little did we know about these celebrities who do it in real life, too. And, who are spotted many a times with a cigarette in hand.

As Princess Chelsea's 'The Cigarette Duet' goes, "It's just a cigarette and I only did it once
Him. It's just a cigarette it will soon be only ten", one cigarette doesn't remain just one with time. It doesn't half, it just multiplies.

But actresses like, Jennifer Aniston, who was a chain smoker for years successfully got out of the toxic addiction through Yoga and other forms of exercises. She got her body entirely detoxed in 2007 and never looked back!

The Academy award-winning actress, Charlize Theron who used to smoke up to 3 packs of cigarette to cope of with the enormous stress and seen pulling a drag or two from the tobacco sticks during recreational activities got rid of it via hypnotherapy.

Some celebrities like Miley Cyrus go to an all other extent and smoked weed on stage! She doesn't stop at that. She posts a picture of herself in a Cinderella costume smoking a joint which supposedly pissed Selena off.

Let's take a look at these 6 beautiful divas of Hollywood, that just can't put their fags down:

Cameron Diaz

The 43 years old 'Bad Teacher' actress recently made news regarding her pregnancy issues. Cameron has been seen on-screen and off-screen enjoying her share of tobacco. She has been criticized several times for her pro-smoking statements.


Adele, the 'Hello' singer is one of the best voices in the music industry globally! But, that doesn't stop the singer from enjoying her cigarettes. Many a times she's been spotted smoking in public.

Mila Kunis

The 'Black Swan' actress, Mila Kunis who recently birthed Ashton Kutcher's baby, is a chain smoker. She must have given up the vicious habit as a new mother, but until she got pregnant, the diva smoked regularly.

Katherine Heigel

The blonde beauty is one of the members of the smoking squad. Katherine who's seen smoking on and off screen calls the habit "stupid". Quitting smoking was one of her new year resolutions.

Kate Winslet

he 40 year old actress was seen smoking in her first debut movie, 'Titanic'. Kate is a smoker in real life, too. The mother of 3 has been an on and off smoker. But, she's spotted smoking in public spaces.

Katy Perry

The 'Fireworks' singer and ex-wife of comedian Russel Peter hasn't hidden her smoking habit. Katy Perry is another singer with a beautiful voice who smokes. We wonder how she manages to roar with smoke going down her windpipe!

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