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The Hunger Games Movie: Fun Facts You Need To Know!

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The Hunger Games movie, adapted from the novel of the same name turned out to be one of the most talked movies since just the teasers were released. The American sci-fi adventure, directed by Gary Ross, first released in 2012.

The movie stars Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemswroth and Josh Hutcherson in the lead roles. The movie was shot in the remains of North America. All those who have watched the movie would know how it feels to live in a parallel realm.

A lot went behind the making of the movie. From the costumes and the sets, to the actors who had to endeavor a lot of pain while shooting. But a lot of fun facts are also associated with the movie, too. For instance, Jlaw's tuna garlic breath!

Liam Hemsworth once said that, Jennifer Lawrence had just had tuna fish and garlic sandwich before the kissing scene between his and her character was shot. So when Liam was asked about that he said, it wasn't a pleasant kissing experience.

Jlaw as always, jokingly said, she would have definitely brushed her teeth and maybe even pop a mint if she were to kiss her 'Silver Lining Playbook' co-star, Bradley Cooper! Well, our Jennifer has said such many funny things that would make you laugh hard.

The song 'Hanging Tree' from Mockinjay, which is sung by Jennifer Lawrence, was to be sung by Lorde. Jlaw refused to sing as she hold a husky voice and wanted Lorde to sing it. But the actress had to sing as the director insisted.

The scene in 'Catching Fire', where the tributes are holding onto the spinning cornucopia as it spun, while the capitol was trying to change the game plan, rotated at a speed of 35 mph! The actors were given motion sickness bracelets to avoid sickness from the intense spinning.

Recently, we showed you a few interesting facts about the movie 'Titanic'. Let's look at a few more fun facts about the movie 'Hunger Games' while the release of the last sequel, 'Mockinjay 2' is just around the corner:

Katniss' Favorite Costume

The dress worn by Katniss Everdeen that lights up during the district parade is Jlaw's favorite costume. The dress that was specially designed to set on fire as Katniss and Peeta march past the President Snow.

Jennifer Lawrence's Ear Infection

Due to too many diving and deep water shots through of the movie, Jennifer ended up having multiple ear infections. It wasn't just one of the ears, but both. So she was partially deaf on the sets.

Effie's 45 Minutes Manicure

Elizabeth Banks, who plays the role of the fashionista from the capitol, had one of the grandest costumes in the movie. But her nails needed the most maintenance with about 45 minutes of manicure!

Banned In Vietnam

The movie that was released worldwide couldn't make it through Vietnam, the first part of Hunger Games was banned form release in Vietnam.

The Capitol's Costume

About 1800 costumes were made for the extras in the capitol scenes besides the prominent characters. Most of them were handmade. There were 35 make-up artists and about 450 wigs.

The Last Part & The Sequel

The Hunger Games : Mockinjay and Mockinjay 2, that's set to release next week, November 20, 2015, were both filmed back to back. The second part is being released after a year's gap from the first.

The Much Unpleasant 'Peeniss'

The on-screen couple Katniss Everdeen and Peeta became very famous and the fans went gaga over their favorite couple. So they combined both the characters' name and called them 'Peeniss'.

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