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The Kardahsians: Surprising Facts That You Didn’t Know About Them!

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The Kardashians! Just the sound of the word makes us wonder a lot of things about the reality show family. Though we are bombarded with the Kardashian news from every possible angle, there are many surprising facts that we don't know.

The family which rose to fame through the show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", over years has grown beyond just a reality show. It isn't just the fame factor concerning the family that has evolved, but also their appearances and members. 

Basically, the Kardashians are acknowledged two types of people. Ones that love them way too much and the others just hate the existence. Either of the two needs to know enough about these celebrities to express whatever they feel towards them.

For instance, little did we know about Koutney's desire to be a lawyer like her biological father. And could we care less about Rob's past or present? Apparently, the only brother of the Kardashian sisters still sleeps with his baby blanket.

Anyhow, there is more to the surprising facts we are going to take you through, today. Nudity and profanity isn't new to the Kardashians. Neither is spending lavishly on celebrations. Kendall and Kim's recent birthdays are the best examples.

Controversies and paparazzi are like the Kardashians birth rights! If you're born in the K family, then you're born with the two issues tagged with you for life! Even the boyfriends/spouses of these girls are pieces of art!

If you remember Tyga and Kylie's expensive French Bulldog puppy! Tough we know most of what's happening in these celebrities' life, we don't know what it was like before they became famous.

So below we have gathered a few facts about the Kardashians that the world knowns very little about or doesn't know at all:

Kim’s Beauty Course At 14

Kim Kardashian's biological father, Robert Kardashian sent her to a beauty school at the age of 14 to learn make up. She sure seems to be making use of it now.

Kourtney’s First Plastic Surgery

The eldest of the Kardashian sisters had her first breast implants surgery when she was 20. Kylie, need we say anything more?

Sex Tape That Got Kim Famous

Kim worked as a stylist for the actresses Lindsay Lohan and Brandy until she rose to fame after releasing her sex tape with Brandy's brother.

The Wealthy Kim K!

The reality star, Kim Kardashian gets paid $25000 to tweet about a single brand. Still wonder how she had a fairy tale wedding?

When Khloe Went Bald

Following her father's death to esophagus cancer, Khloe was under a lot of stress. She lost the hair on the head as a result and had to wear wig for a few days.

Kim & Paris Hilton Were BFFS

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton went to preschool together and grew up in through their teenage. It was too late until Paris got insecure with Kim's raising fame and broke up with her.

Kendall’s First Grade Lie

Kendall accepts the fact that she was a big fat liar as a child. She had told her frirnds in 1st grade that her house had a third story filled with jewels and lions.

Kylie’s Beauty Experiments!

The youngest of the Kardashians didn't remain young for long after all. She was so inspired by her fashionista sisters when young, that she started shaving her legs at the age of just 11!

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