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The Minions : Fun Facts You Need To Know About Them!

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Bello! Muak Muak Muak.. which in the Minions' language translates to, Hello! Kisses. Yes, that's how adorable these little yellow creatures are! Even the ones who hate animated characters would instantly fall in love with the minions.

Evolving from a single cell, these organisms were originally created to serve their masters. We know just a few fun facts abut these Minions. The character gained enormous amount of attention through the Despicable series.

Both one-eyed and two-eyed creatures love to have fun. Give them any task to do, they'll turn it into one or the other form of entertainment for themselves and the viewers. And oh, they love to sing! Their 'Underwear' song is just too adorable.

The Minions gained so much popularity through Despicable Me and the sequel, a movie entirely dedicated only to the Minions was released in 2015. The movie's called 'The Minions' of course! But it failed to impress the audience.

Nevertheless, the minions as characters continue to rule and continue to remain very close to our hearts.

The craze can never end. We would still want to have our Minion collectives, sing their songs and children about the adorable things they do.

Have you ever taken a moment to think what thought process could have possibly gone behind the idea? How could someone ever think of something as cute as this?The character is very simple and doesn't deal with any real life issues.

The creators of the character Minion were inspired by the Jawas in the Star Wars and Oompa Loompas in Willy Wonka. Have you noticed the difference in their teeth from Despicable Me to Despicable Me 2? They are aligned in the second part.

While Despicable Me 3 is set to be released in the summer of 2017, let us have a look at a few fun interesting facts about these little cutie-pies:

The Hairstyle

The Minions have just 5 natural hairstyles, including the bald look. But, a lot of them have just a few strands of hair popping on their heads, which is one of the major hairdos.

Despicable 2 Poster

The poster used for the promotions of Despicable 2 has about 10,400 Minions! The poster contained a wide variety of Minions.

The Appearance

Though all the Minions are closely similar to one another, they have distinct features. The one-eyed minions are rarely tall. And tall ones have the same hairstyle. But, they all have 3 fingers.

The Despicablimp

For the promotions of the movie Despicable 2, a blimp designed after the Minions was flown around in the U.S. It was one of the 15 airships flying worldwide.

The Evil & Good

The evil Minions are Purple in color. They are of that color as the shade Purple falls right opposite Yellow on the color spectrum. That's quite a creative thought, isn't it?

The Language

The language these creatures speak surely requires a customized dictionary or a translator. Their language is a combination of  Spanish, English, French, and Italian, with additional elements of Russian and Korean.

What They Say & What It Means

If you're ever watching the Minions or trying to understand what they are saying, you ought to know these translations:
Apples- Bapples
Marriage -La Boda
I swear - Underwear
Fire- bee-do-bee-do-bee-do
What -Poka
Ice Cream- Gelato

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