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The Movie Titanic: Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

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The 1997 epic American romantic disaster movie, Titanic, is an all time classic! The movie based on sinking of the RMS Titanic was remade in 3D with a few extended scenes in 2012. It earned about $2.18 Billion and beat Avatar's box office record.

Titanic could be watched a zillion times and yet enjoyed. The movie's written, created and edited by director James Cameron who has made many other blockbusters, too. The Academy award winning movie is worth your time.

The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the lead roles. Leonardo plays the role of Jack Dawson and Kate, Rose DeWitt Bukater. The movie revolves around the love story of the two young people who meet on the cruise.

We are sure that you didn't know what an evil and an angel Leonardo could be at the same time! The actor once pushed a lizard under a running truck, but later picked it up and nursed it until he was fine. Bizarre isn't it?

Also, it cost more to make the movie than creating the ship. But they had to ruin it the end for several scenes or maybe not? Until today there a few secrets about Titanic that none knows. Like, Rose's blue diamond? Did it really exist?

Apparently, after knowing that Rose was going to be naked before Jack as the scene from the movie demands, Kate Winslet decided to flash her naked body to Leonardo way before the shot. Well, aren't they just so into acting?

Many till date assume that the entire movie was filmed on the Ocean! Which is absolutely incorrect. The movie was entirely shot before a chroma screen in an indoor location. It's the graphics and visual effects that always take you world of Titanic.

Gee! Did we just spoil Titanic by telling it wasn't shot on Ocean in real? Well, no worries. We have many more interesting facts about Titanic that will make you watch the movie time and again.

Actors Who Were To Play Jack & Rose

Many actors and actresses were approached to play the role of Jack and Rose. Which included, Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey for Jack and Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Madonna for Rose.

The Only Person Who Actually Lived When The Ship Sank

The lady who plays the role of old Rose, Gloria Stuart, was the only person to work in the movie, who was actually living when the ship sank in 1912.

When The Crew Was Drugged

One of the pranksters on the movie crew, drugged everyone my mixing Angel dust into the clam chowder. 80 members were hospitalized after this as they started hallucinating.

Kate, The Bold One!

Kate was the only one who refused to wear the wet suit while filming the water scenes. She fell sick due to to Pneumonia as a result of her choice.

The Creepy Time

The run time of the old Titanic movie is 2 hours 40 minutes. Did you know? That's the exact time in which the ship sank. Creepy much?

Nope! Not Leonardo's Hand

The hands shown drawing Rose's naked picture, aren't Leonardo's. The scene has Jame Cameron's hand. Technically it was James that was doing Rose's naked sketch.

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