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Painful Stories Of Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Bullied When Young!

Written by: Chaitra
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Bullying is a very sensitive issue and has ruined millions of lives around. Everybody is subject to this vicious act at one or the other point in life. So, were these Hollywood celebrities who were bullied when young and have shocking stories behind it.

Majority of the people who weren't ever victim of this, fail to realize the amount of effects it could have on the mind. Most of the victims of bullying choose to end their lives!

Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Bullied When Young!

Eva Mendes, one of the most sexiest actresses in Hollywood and otherwise was bullied when young due to her looks.

She said she was a thin person with big teeth. Not until she stood for herself, that the bullying against her was stopped. She always encourages to stand up for themselves.

Even the most beautiful actress Kate Winslet is traumatized by being bullied in childhood. The actress was made off and called names for her chubby looks.

She was called a 'fat girl' and she was told that non one would ever be attracted to her. Though, the actress has grown out of those insecurities, she still talks about the impact it has had on her!

You wouldn't believe that even the man known for his womanizer behavior was once victim of bullying. Tiger Woods for bullied for his looks. He was even tied up to the tree and beaten up.

It isn't only the children from the common families that go through the torture. Even Miley Cyrus was bullied in school. The kids told her that just like her father, she isn't going to do anything great in life.

It is important for the victims of any kind of abuse or bullying to talk about it. They have to either stand up for themselves or seek for help. Nothing is more saddening then being subject to such issues.

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