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Prince Harry Can Text Pretty Fast: Margot Robbie

Written by: Monojit Mandal

Suicide Squad actress, Margot Robbie claims, Britain's Royal Blood Prince Harry is very quick in texting, unlike the actress.

The actress also said that, her co-star Cara Delevingne introduced the 31-year-old royal Prince Harry to Margot Robbie, and she mistook him for pop-sensation Ed Sheeran.

prince harry quick on texting

"Everyone now thinks if they come on a night out with me in London, they'll bump into Prince Harry. But I didn't even know who it was. I'd had a drink or drinks. I thought I was hanging out with Ed. I was thinking 'Ed's a really cool guy'. I'm going to take some pictures with him," she said.

When asked about texting, Robbie said, "He (Prince Harry) is pretty quick on text, actually. Unlike me. I write back four days later, weeks later sometimes."

She also admitted that, Prince Harry didn't take the mix up with Ed Sheeran well at all and responded with a light joke.

The Suicide Squad actress, also pranked Prince Harry by texting him that, Delevingne and Margot herself had a dream about him and they would have love to be on a romantic date with the Royal Blood..

In reply to this Prince Harry said "You two are obviously together. But I'm extremely glad I was in your dreams."

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