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Why Is Kim Kardashian So 'Nervous' About Her Half-Sister Kylie Jenner?

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The Keeping Up With The Kardashian stars, Kim and Kylie met up with each other to discuss something with regard to profession. You wouldn't believe what's making Kim Kardashian nervous about Kylie Jenner!

The 18 years old Kylie Jenner had previously walked Kanye West's fashion show last year, 2015. She is going to be gracing the ramp in her sister's husband's show in September, 2016, too. Kim is overly concerned about Kylie's 'professionalism'.

Kim Kardashian believes Kylie did a very good job when she first walked Kanye's show, but she's 'nervous' about her performance in the September show. If you're wondering what makes Kim worry so much about Kylie, this is what she had to say,

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'I've been hearing things like, 'Kylie makes people wait because she's on her phone,' or if she's at photoshoots she brings a ton of friends, so I just want Kylie to know just because Kanye is family, like, this isn't a casual situation," Kardashian West continues. "She has to be really professional and go with the flow.'

Kim wants Kylie to be 'perfect' ad she feels there is going to be a lot of pressure. But, even while Kim was expressing her concern over Kylie's behavior and said,'It'll be so much fun and I want you to like, be profesh.', the younger sister seemed busy on her phone.

All that Kylie had to say was, 'No, I will, I'm so excited.', as she continued swiping her phone screen. Lord alone can imagine if Kylie's behavior towards the commencement of the show is going to cause friction between the sisters.

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