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New Year's Eve – Movie Review

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New Year's Eve, directed by Garry Marshall intertwines ten small stories in one plot and showcases how these several characters celebrate their New Year's Eve. The wafer thin story line revolves around a few people who face a momentous decision before midnight.

There are several things going on in the movie as the director tries to do justice to all the ten stories that has been intertwined to form one large film – New Year's Eve.

Director Garry Marshall seems to be unsuccessful in combining the multiple thread of relationships that are drawn together over the course of the night. As the narrative jumps from one story to the other, you tend to lose interest since the time given for each story is very little. Besides, there is nothing novel in the story. The second half in New Year's Eve gets slow and monotonous.


Stan Robert (Robert Di Niro) is a terminally ill patient who is clinging on to life under the care and supervision of nurse Aimee (Halle Berry).

Meanwhile, in the maternity ward two pregnant couples compete to deliver their first baby on New Year's Eve.

Claire (Hilary Swank) is the newly promoted vice president of the Times Square Alliance. He is facing a lot of technical problems with the ceremonial drop of the illuminated ball.

Kim (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a single mother who pick fights with her stubborn 15-year-old daughter Hailey (Abigail Breslin).

Randy (Ashton Kutcher) is stuck in an elevator with backing singer Elise. There are several such stories, all combined together.

Robert Di Niro and Halle Berry are excellent in New Year's Eve. All other actors have given an average performance.

On the whole, New Year's Eve is a regular fare. Nothing much to look forward to in the film.

Cast: Robert De Niro, Halle Berry, Hillary Swank, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Beil, Michelle Pfieffer, Zac Ephron, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katherine Hiegl, Jon Bon Jovi

Direction: Garry Marshall

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