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Rush - Movie Review: Intense, Thrilling

"To be a champion, it's more than just being quick. It is understanding and delivering the whole picture". This is the key message conveyed in director Roh Howard's Rush, which is based on a true story. At the very beginning, a voiceover reveals - "Of the 25 racers that participate in the Formula One races every year, two die". What a morbid way to start!

Set in the backdrop of Formula One racing, the film documents the personality conflict and rivalry of two famous racers Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) and James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth). Both with diametrically opposite characteristics; James Hunt is the charismatic and reckless English playboy, whereas Niki Lauda is the studious introvert with German Austrian upbringing, who takes calculated risks. The only thing common between the two is their passion for motor racing.

The film exposes their intense competitiveness and their mutual admiration for each other. Spanning over seven years, from 1970 to 1977, the film captures their career and personal life, which includes; numerous F1 races across the globe, their marriages and a crash that has leaves Niki with a burnt face.

The screenplay by Morgan (though it starts and ends with Niki's point of view) during its course, oscillates between the squeaky exaggerated dual narrations of both racers. Nevertheless, the dialogues between the two racers are crisp, curt and razor sharp sparkling with wit. Continue to read Rush movie review.

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