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Star Trek Into Darkness - Movie Review: Luminous, enchanting

The Star Trek fans, be it of the comics, television serials or previous films, would simply love 'Into Darkness' without distraction. Director JJ Abrams has intelligently and attractively structured the story of the sci-fi legend, making it so believable. The film begins full throttle with octane packed action sci-fi drama. On Planet Nirbu, Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and his team on board Spaceship - Enterprise NCC 1701 - are docked on the floor of the ocean, exploring the planet and surveying its species.

On land, two of his men are being chased by the inhabitants of the planet. The chase ends with the two men diving into the ocean. Simultaneously, a volcano is beginning to erupt. The planet and its inhabitants are in danger. In order to save the inhabitants, Spock (Zachary Quinto) trans-warps himself from the spaceship, into the volcano, against the wishes of his captain. In order to save Spook's life, Captain Kirk gives orders for the spaceship to take off in broad daylight, thereby exposing themselves to the inhabitants of the planet.

This lays the foundation of the story that follows. Star Trek Into Darkness is the story of bonding like family, comradeship and self-sacrifice. Apart from the action, whether it is the spaceship's collision or the hand to hand combat in mid-air and the chases, what makes the film intense is the emotional politics.

The story is not very original. It's a hero's journey with conflict between military regulation and personal loyalty. The characters are humane and vibrant with sentiments and the relationship shared between every character is Trek viable. The film develops the growing Kirk-Spock friendship, with Pine exhibiting reserves of defenseless weakness and doubt beneath his cocksure exterior, while Quinto adds seriousness to Spock's eternal inner conflict and his deepening romance with Lt Uhura (Zoe Saldana).

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Star Trek Into Darkness - Movie Review
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