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White House Down - Movie Review: Sleek And Appealing

Four months ago, we had an Olympus Has Fallen. Now we have a White House Down. Both the films are a copy one-man-against the army concept shown in Die Hard series. So obviously, the question arises, which one is better? Though predictable in its storyline and with nearly the same flaws, Olympus Has Fallen was a decent film and White House Down is no less a great film. In fact, it is notches higher on the emotional quotient.

It's the story of a heroic father-daughter team that saves the American president and the White House from doom. The plot is simple and straight forward. John Cale (Channing Tatum), an Iraq War veteran and a secret service wannabe, is trying hard to be a good dad to his daughter Emily (Joey King). She is enamoured with the US politics and the White House. So when he is invited for a job interview to work as a Secret Service Agent at the White House, he takes an excited Emily along.

Unknown to his daughter, the interview does not go well. But the excited Emily, while on the tour in the White house, proudly tells the President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx) that her father will be appointed as the Secret Service Agent and the president light-heartedly chides the father for lying.

But soon after, Emily gets separated from her father and the tour group. A bomb goes off and the White House is attacked by a heavily-armed paramilitary group. The president is taken to safety and John has to prove himself by saving both his daughter and the president before America falls into total chaos.

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