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'San Andreas' Movie Review: Promises To Keep You Thrilled

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As promised, 'San Andreas' is an action-adventure disaster film which sticks completely to its subject. The American drama film has a gripping start and the first half is worth watching as you will be stuck to your seats. Second half shows how the couple struggles to save their daughter while catastrophic natural disaster destroys the city.

Dwayne Johnson plays a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot, Ray who leaves his flying missions in Afghanistan to rescue people in Los Angeles which has been hit by a massive magnitude 9 earthquake.

Emma plays Carla Gugino, Ray's estranged wife who is living with building developer Daniel (Ioan Gruffudd). However, the separated parents come together when their teenage daughter Alexandra Daddario (Blake) who gets stuck in the quake hit region.

Adding some love angle is Blake's meeting with Ben (Hugo Johnstone-Burt) and his obnoxious younger brother, Ollie (Art Parkinson). While the California is getting destructed due to the earthquake, Paul Giamatti as Lawrence Hayes, a seismologist, travels to Nevada to study a recent flurry of "mini-quakes" and gives lots of 'gyaan' over his study on earthquakes which is coming back to back and destroying L.A. and San Francisco simultaneously.

In one of the scenes we see Ray saving Emma who is trying to climb up a burning building and once he rescues her, the couple go together in the helicopter to save their daughter, Blake.

Now that the earthquake has passed, Executive Director for earthquake studies, Lawrence Hayes, predicts that the 'shaking is not over' and the aftershocks are going to be worse as the precursor is yet to come which will destroy California with 9.5 or greater magnitude.

Direction: Brad Peyton has beautifully shown how the earthquake brings destruction with buildings falling, fire everywhere, people dying and helicopters flying here and there.

San Andreas can be best enjoyed in 3D provided the special effects we get to see especially with the water flow when the bridge breaks. Another enjoyable scene which somewhere make us laugh is when Ray and Emma go on a speed boat trying to overcome the heavy tsunami coming closer to them.

Acting: Dwayne Johnson is the main character and trust us, The Rock with his physique and acting skills makes us fall in love with him all the more. Carla Gugino has also tried some stunts and played her role while Dwayne tries to save the collapsing world around him in the movie.

However, we were quite scared to see their on-screen daughter, Alexandra Daddario who fights her own battle!

Kylie Minogue makes a blink-of-an-eye cameo as Susan Riddick, the ex-wife of Daniel Riddick. Paul Giamatti has given his best as a seismologist.

San Andreas is a one time watch and can be a treat to the eyes provided the visual effects and sound. It also shows immediate measures which can be useful keeping the recent Nepal earthquake in mind.

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