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Encounter Dayanayak

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11 Feb 2005


Dayanayak (Sachin) with support of mentor Prakash Hegde (Ananthnag) saves the foreign delegates who have come for SAARC summit.Dayanayak has 80 shoot outs and ...
  • sunil-srk 3 years ago

    Dayanayak is 1 of the sharp shooter nd pure officer

  • himanshu-jain 6 years ago

    sad to here that Sir, DAYANAYAK. has been arrested in such a cheap miss understanding of Indian Government. That he's been a part of UNDERWORLD by knowing that this man individually encountered 83 gangsters in which some of them are the most wanted . He arrested aroud 300 criminals then too he'ss be cased.. Sir, Dnot worry because some of your supporters are still fighting for you and with you. take care...

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