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Gaana Bajaana

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29 Oct 2010


Gaana Bajaana is all about dreams of two guys and a girl. The story happens in two different. Hero is staying in foreign land and heroine is in India. There is ...
  • jeevan 4 years ago

    This movie is really good.... A must watch for the youngsters... Though in the starting you might feel a bit bored, as the story progress, you get more exited...

  • mahesh 5 years ago

    I'm a big fan of the pair tharun and radhika since from lv guru... i'm a fan too fr this director... prashanth raj... Bt there s no fault of any charactors in this movie... I dont knw wt happnd to the prashanth raj, he is an excellent... As shown in lv guru.. He should always choose the lv and feeling subjects... Hope for the next film... Waiting for it...

  • vivek-raj 5 years ago

    i liked the movie but it is boooooor in the 2nd half but i liked radhika-pandit acting

  • nijam 5 years ago

    i like the story and dressing of radhika in this movie.(so sexy)i am a big fan of radhika i wish u all the best for her furure. i want to say somthing i ..... love ..... you rtadhika.

  • madhu 5 years ago

    when is the releas date of gana bajana u are so cute

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