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05 May 2011


Hudugru movie  is a remake of tamil movie Naadodigal. The movie is about group of friends. This Story revolves around four men and two women who live ...
  • jeevan 3 years ago

    A beautiful movie. Somewhere in the middle when there is too much of sorrow, we do feel it a bit boring. But as the story progresses, they get it back to pace.

  • srini-prasad 4 years ago

    Good powerful performances. I would liked it more if Kitty and Yogesh had more dialogues and role.

  • punith 4 years ago

    It's flop only movie running by giving money theatres wr empty

  • manikanta 4 years ago

    guru its a fantastic acting off all but espessially loos mada and appu i saw a twenty time film guru can you call to this number guru 7899885252

  • pramodha-kankapura 4 years ago

    this really good moviee and also good acting for lose mada and appu

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