Krishna Nee Late Aag Baro (U)

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09 Apr 2010
Krishna Nee Late Aag Baro story revolves around Krishna, a lone male lecturer in a all woman's college. Krishna is loved by his relative Lakshmi who is orthodox. Krishna's mother wants him to get married to Lakshmi. But Krishna hates woman as per his Guru's advise.

Rhea, the daughter of Iyengar studies in Krishna's college falls in love with Sundaram Pillai, a fashion photographer. But the catch is Rhea's father wants her to be married to a boy belonging to his own cast. Rhea hates Krishna to the hilt. To get into a wedlock with Sundaram, she also lies her father that Sundaram is in fact a Iyengar Boy.

Life is above destiny and the destiny rules us. There will be too many coincidences that mark our life which guides us. How destiny plays games in the life of these four youngsters which leads to comical situations is the content of the story.
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