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Minchu (U/A)

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01 May 2009


Minchu movie is the remake of tamil movie Thimiru. Siddarth is the medical student and his professor's daughter is Archana. when they both meet they are ...
  • arun 7 years ago

    Awsome movie and a very good actress... Only archna is not fitting in tht movie.. Archana looks like a Chandi in the movie... But tht actress jonita is looking good..

  • vikas 7 years ago

    Ohhoho Such a nice movie... I liked it alot.. I agreed with Pavi.. Jonita is looking too cool in the movie.. I heard she not from south india she doesnt know kannada then also she has done a justice to the movie.. And she is good yaar. Hopeing v will see her in some other kannada movie also..

  • pavi 7 years ago

    Yes... there is jonita doda... new actress... She has done a grt job... She is looking preety

  • saurav 7 years ago

    this is JONITA & SIDDHANT in the picture not Archana.....and professors daughter is JONITA.......archana is the other girl.

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