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02 Mar 2012


Munjane movie story contains a feel-good element with many details of sacrifices by family members. The strong bond of relationship between a son and his ...
  • nikhil-k 4 years ago

    sir... really i like your acting a lot and also you. but now a days i am not able to see any shining in your gold.. plz before taking new films,check the story or a role you are taking suits u or nt. i hope you will shine in future as begining.

  • rahul-gowda 4 years ago

    Ganesh is the fading star of kannada cinema. See the film he has done post 2008. Below is the list of our cinemas. I was big fan, now i dont like you, because you have developed attitude and doing same acting. Great actors are those who experiment. List of Ganesh Cinemas Chellata - Super Hit Mungaru Male - Super duper History making Hit. Hudugaata - Hit Cheluvina Chittara - Super Hit Krishna - Hit Gaalipata - Super Hit Aramane - Hit Post marriage after 2008 Bombaat Ramya - Super Flop Sangama - Super Duper Flop Circus - Flop Ullasa Utsaha - Flop (somepeople dont know when it released) Maleyali Jotheyali - Hit Eno Onthara - Super Flop Cool...Sakkath Hot Maga - Sakkath Flop Maga Maduve Mane - Super Flop Shyloo Bhama - Average Munjane - Flop.

  • anand-rampure 4 years ago

    sir plz release the all over karnatakka sir at a time sir in raichur film is not came

  • zeelan 4 years ago

    Ganesh abhimaanigale IIga goldenstar bari gani alla " GANI ANNA " I am a small film maker inspired by ganesh and in preparation of an exelent script for ganesh anna in hollywood level II goobe nanmakkalella urkondu saayabeku aathara iratte a movie adaralli ganesha obba don Hindi li amitab ge bandidthara image baratte annange nodtairi

  • mahesh-from-huble 4 years ago

    munjane film is a wonderful film golden star ganesh and s narayan's record braking couple and munjane film songs super. i love you golden star

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