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Nam Areal Ondina

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23 Jul 2010

Nam Areal Ondina Story

NAM AERALI ONDINA  movie   story begins with Chinna (aneesh) who failed tenth standard and is a vagabond. His life takes a turn when he sees Chinnu (meghana) and it is love at first sight.

However, Chinnu lays a condition that he must get a job and earn Rs 5000 so that she can talk to her mother and things will be fine.
Chinna say yes and in no time, he gets his 'first salary' and also few sweets. However, Chinnu discovers the real reason how Chinna got the money and leaves him. Chinna tries hard but in vain. Added to that, the entry of Aravind (rakshit shetty) causes further trouble. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

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