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Ondanondu Kaladalli is a tale of two warring Nayaka tribes in Karnataka. Shankar Nag essays Gandugali, the young warrior pitted against Permadi, played by the ...
  • mudugal-krishna-vinay 5 years ago

    What a movie....What a movie....The movie is shot in the backdrop of an ever flowing streams of water in the heart of a thick jungle and the natural ruggedness of village fighters. Sunder Krishna Urs and debutant Shanker Nag are in their best of the forms with their acting as well as their sword fighting skills. The natural accent of the language used adds to the reality of the scenes. A melodious title song and a perfect climax is what makes the movie even more special. The linking of the scenes skill is a lesson to the new directors. The strategies made by the warrior leads is convincing and sounds real. All said and done. Its a must movie for all Indian Cinema lovers and especially the Kannada movie lovers. The movie just depicts the directoral and acting expertise of Girish Karnad, Urs and Shanker Nag respectively. The question that is disturbing me after watching the movie is Why has Girish Karnad stopped making movies...........?............ But Why?

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