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Savi Savi Nenapu (U)

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10 Aug 2007
Savi Savi Nenapu in this movie Prem (Prem Kumar) passionately loves his classmate Preethi (Mallika Kapoor) and they get married. But destiny turns cruel towards them and Preethi passes away. Preethi's heart is transplanted to Pallavi (Tejaswini) who is also facing marital problems, as her husband is very career bound as a Model and is not able to kepp Pallavi Happy.

There is also a co-incidence that Pallavi's husband is identical to Prem. Prem does not want Preethi's heart to suffer and plans things in such a way that Pallavi remains happy. He impersonates himself as Pallavi's husband and spend quality time with her - which she is expecting very badly.

There comes a point when Pallavi's heart Fails to udjust after transplantation and she has to be operated. Then prem reveals about his impersonation to Pallavi's husband and he understands that all was done to keep Pallavi happy. He promises Prem that from now onwards he shall take good care of Pallavi, and try to keep her happy in life.
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