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Sri Danamma Devi (U)

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09 Mar 2007


Sri Danamma Devi was a follower of Jagajyothi Basavanna, the 12th century founder of the Basava Dharma, practised by the Lingayat community. Sharane Sri ...
  • mayur-singh 4 years ago

    I greatly respect the teachings of this great prophet, so much so that I've myself started following what was preached by Shri Basava as a message from the almighty god. I have started believing in one God and strongly believe in 'Ahimsa'. However, I pity the fate of this sect and feel that lingayats must be made aware that they are loosing their roots, their values. They can't corrupt their faith by believing in something that was never intended to be taught to them. Their philosophy is truely secular and GREAT. It needs to be brought back to life. We can't forget that Lingatism is a MOTHEISTIC faith and that it's followeres are supposed to be strict monotheists. Community service has been an integral part of their faith. They should come forward and start spreading the original message of their Monotheist faith to their fellow people.

  • sharankumar 4 years ago

    I feel that lingayats have completely diverted themselvs from the teachings of Shri Basawa. For exemple, Basawa preached that one should worship Ishtalinga (God) and only Ishtalinga (only one God), no other gods. but lingayats have started worshipping all hindu gods and goddesses. Visiting temples to seek god is not considered to be right at all as lingayats are to worship only their ishtalinga. For them Shankar and the symbol 'Ishtalinga' or these days synonymous to 'Shiva' (or God) may not be the same because Shankar has a human form/body but Shiva (or strictly speaking God) is formeless. He has no human/animal form, he is infinite, endless; so much so that they say that he can't even be imagined in idols and therefore idol worship is not allowed at all, according to their doctrines. However, since we need something to adore they have 'Ishtalinga' to remember god. Ishtalinga (symbolizing God) to them is somewhat how 'rosary' would be to a christian, an aide in remembering god. Shree Basawa, their prophet, hated caste system, yet they have developped caste system to be at par with their hindu friends now. Moreover, talking of Shree Basawa, he never declared himself as god or an incarnation of Nandi (infact, nandi came into picture only because lingayats later on started associating God's symbol "Ishtalinga" with the hindu god Shankara, whose greatest devotee is thought to be Nandi). He himself was always absorbed in the thoughts of God, remembering/prasing God. He is only a prophet, someone who showed people the right path to the one and only one God. Then why do lingayats now have temples dedicated to him and why should they worship him? Why dont they understand that he was a saint, a prophet and a great devotee, who brought God's message to the entire humanity. If we compare what they follow with what he preached, we will find that they are more inclininclined to the hindu system of worshipping GODS, forgotting their unique way of remembering the "

  • vs 4 years ago

    One question about lingayats has been troubling me eversince i heard and learnt about this faith. Are lingayats following a diverted faith? B'coz i c that their doctrines preach one thing and lingayats follow another. Probably, all thanks to a handful of greedy and selfish gurus/jangams who want their people to give them too much of importance as their priests (Vishwaguru Basava was against priesthood). This is the reason why 'Jangamism' is inherited these days, unlike earlier when only a (/any) learned person could become a jangam and would be respected as such because of his complete and in-depth knowledge on his own faith. Jangams are thought to be wandering God because their only purpose is to preach this faith. But in that sense everyone is considered to be God because it is said in the vachanas of Basava (the very most important prophet and perhaps founder of this faith/sect) that "You came from God and you shall return to Him".

  • danamma 5 years ago

    nice fillm...every one should see this movie...

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