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Story Kathe (U/A)

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24 May 2013
Story Kathe movie is based on the two men Veera(Thilak) and Rajeev(Pratap Narayan)and how their fates cross each other, lives intersect and inner worlds shift and destinies getting interchanged. 

In the city of opportunities, Bangalore. Veera(Thilak) and Rajeev(Pratap Narayan) pursuit of their dreams and their encounter with life which has loads of uncalled surprises and challenges for them. 

Veera(Thilak) hailing from rural Karnataka, in search of decent livelihood lands up in the metropolis to find himself entangled in dark and mysterious situations which life has intended for him.

The other protagonist Rajeev(Pratap Narayan) who is urban bread with dreams of achieving things which is almost impossible to the mankind ,meets  mysterious people in unusual situations which can lead him to his dreams. 
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