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Vayuputra (U/A)

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03 Sep 2009


Vayuputra is the remake of tamil movie Sandakozhi. Chiranjeevi Sarja and Aindrita Ray are in lead roles....
  • santhosh 6 years ago

    Film Super Fights Super

  • manjula-l 6 years ago

    Absolutely yes priya andrita is not suited for village girl charecter and chiranjeevi sarja awsome yar his body type i just fell in love (Love at first sight )hmmmm joking bye take care and thanks

  • shridhar 6 years ago

    I have to see this movie. I think this movie will create another block buster in Kannada film Industry. As we know that arjun sarja is very professional actor and ofcourse his nephew will be having same kind of professionalism. All the best to Chiranjeevi Sarja and about Aindrita Ray she is also good actor. Hope both get lots of work. kannada industry na munde tharali

  • shridhar 6 years ago

    Hi Priya, I don't think the actress is bad. Her acting is good not bad at all.

  • priya 6 years ago

    Heroine for the movie should have been different, she does not fit for hero as well as for the character in the movie. I don't like her. Hero looks good with good personality, wishing him all the best for future...............

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