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Yaare Koogadali (U/A)



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20 Dec 2012


Yaare Koogadali movie is remake of Tamil movie Poraali. The story begins on a rainy night, when Puneethrajkumar and Yogesh run from mental hospital and reach ...
  • raj 2 years ago

    super move 100 days paka

  • raj 2 years ago

    100% right

  • puneeth-kumar-k-r 2 years ago

    there is no doubt about puneeth acting done a good job and all co-actors acting was nice. puneeth and loose mada was good, sadu and also puneeth frnd charactor(i dont know the name)did nice job. 1st off good full entertainment and in 2nd off fight was good other than boring in 2nd off. acting wise full marks. once watchable. director did good job but need some more effort confidence because your directing for puneeth raj film...

  • naveen-jackie 2 years ago

    Yaare koogadali film superb appu film bagge yaru enu helo age erolla yaru kelo age ella film ege anta yakendre appu acting tumba chennagirutte avara mugdate abhinaya talme superb appu karnataka da power aaa power yaaru muttokagodilla suttu budi aghtare! Aaa power ninda belakannu matra kana beku! Appu karnatakada high voltage power ..............{jackie}

  • naveen-jackie 2 years ago

    Yaaee koogadali film super appu almost all films super appu acting,realfighting,dance, also appu super appu films bagge yaru kelo age ella because super actor nam appu