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15 Mar 2013


Yaarivanu movie is made on basis of recent happenings in the life of Nityananda Swamiji....
  • susie-vimal 2 years ago

    You wake up someone who is sleeping but not the one that's pretend to do so!!! Nithyanandam....

  • soundala-karan 2 years ago

    Simply there is no enriching in such movies.Why worry disaster.Ambe Shivam

  • jayanthi 2 years ago

    I only feel sorry for those who have produced directed and acted in such movies .Be it out of necessity or desperation you have a very long way to go in this life or in many more lives . May the compassionate Lord bless you and elevate you.

  • aruna 2 years ago

    In this Kali Yuga... our Vedic Sampradaya has been witnessing a progressive decline in terms of 1. Respect to the tradition and the people who stand up for keeping the tradition alive 2. Sincere authentic seekers of the Truth who see a sure guidance from the Vedas and other Vedic scriptures And Being born in this mystical land called - Bhaarat, and that too as Hindus, it is more than a shame to see Hindus rejoicing to see the downfall of our own rich culture, tradition... Indeed, more the number of such unconscious beings living amongst us in the World..(for instance the whole crew of this movie !!) will only prove to be a drain, a hopeless and a dangerous threat to the other fellow-beings, who are actually sincere and authentic about their own transformation and others' transformation. It's high time that we Indians realize we are digging our own grave by allowing and encouraging such beings to come up with creations such as this movie.... Let us all 'Arise and awaken ourselves and others' It's become toooo urgent to look in and become integrated, authentic, responsible in every thought and action of ours.

  • supriya 2 years ago

    How sad! I pity the people who even hear about this movie. Such movies made just to demolish our nation. How cheap can our society get? What better disaster can such movies and people involved inmakign them, do to our country? Misguiding our countrymen and diverting and perverting their minds! Stop this non-sense and look to solve the actual problems our country is facing. Don't waste everyone's time.

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