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Saakshi Blackmail?

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Kannada film Soundarya director I.E.Chennagangappa has decided to file one blackmail case and six criminal cases against actress Saakshi Shivanand for her irresponsible attitudes that has resulted in Rs.30 lakh loss to the film. The Switzerland trip to store three songs for the film has brought heavy tension for the former KAS officer Chennagangappa. Mr Chennagangappa had made Karimaleya Kaggatathalu and Nannaseya Hoove Kannada films in the past.

Saakshi Shivanand has a horrible past. At the time of shooting for Sainika Kannada film at Kundapura she made a statement that she has a look like sister and when it is not possible for her to attend the shoot her sister would attend. According to the Kannada film producers who roped in Saakshi Shivanand allege disgusting experience. In Ghalate Aliyandru and in Thandege Thakka Maga Saakshi erratic behavior is already known.

Nakra it seems is in her blood!

"Saakshi Shivanand, her sister Shilpa and mother Parveen worked out a plot to grab money from me for no mistake of mine has perturbed me" says Chennagangappa speaking to Chitraloka at his office in Vijayanagar, Bangalore.

For the misplacement of Shilpa's passport at the passport office Mumbai has been the root cause for the muddle and Saakshi and her mother claiming Rs.24 lakha as compensation.

Saakshi Shivanand the heroine of Ramesh Aravind starring Soundarya Kannada film directed by Chennagangappa agreed to come to Switzerland shooting with her mother and sister Shilpa. Saakshi also made it clear that her mother and sister are coming on their own and requested Chennagangappa to collectively get the passport for all them.

Accordingly passport was submitted to Switzerland passport office by Bright Tours and Travels of Chennai.

A few days before the departure on 6th July Saakshi Shivanand demanded for return of passport of her sister and told that she is not coming as she had been booked for United States of America for a program. When the passport was in the consulate office it was not possible to get it back unless it is stamped said the travel agent and she kept quiet.

But on the day of journey to Switzerland even before three hours of departure in Mumbai she did not turn up. At the last minute she turned up and asked for her, mother and Shilpa's passport. At this stage the tension and trauma for the production team started.

Like enacting before the camera Saakshi and her mother immediately told that there was an expired pass port missing of Shilpa which had a valid US visa.

Saakashi's mother screamed and told this loss of expired passport has been sold for Rs.35 lakhs and this is what she learnt it from American consulate.

The passport has to come back or the compensation of Rs.24 lakhs what Shilpa was supposed to earn from her American assignment has to be given to them said the mother Parveen.

Totally lost in control of the situation the production in charge Mohammad consulted Mr Chennagangappa in Switzerland for further action.

Sensing something is going to be very precarious Chennagangappa said everything would be sorted to Saakshi and asked her to join for shooting for which she is already two days late. The compensation of Rs.24 lakhs what Saakshi is demanding for the loss of her sister assignment in US was divided between the Bright Tours and Travels and Chennagangappa. On taking an undertaking (on a white plain paper!) that compensation of Rs.12 lakhs would be given to Shilpa, Saakshi and Parveen went to Switzerland.

From here afterwards Chennagangappa recorded all his conversation with Saakshi Shivanand and controlled her further illogical and irresponsible attitudes.

In Switzerland also Saakshi did not attend for the shooting and once again demanded her money.

Saakshi now on the health grounds pretended to escape from shooting. She was given medical aid but the same Saakshi in the evening time was puffing cigarette on the river bank side says Chennagangappa.

After two days rest again Saakshi attended the shooting and with just one scene left for completion director Chennagangappa felt it is height of torture and asked Saakshi to pack off her luggage to India.

Roping in heroines from other languages has been in most of the cases has been horrible experience for Kannada film producers.

But for losing of the passport by the office why should a humble producer like Chennagangappa should be targeted is the question.

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