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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1293

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Naaku Tanti
Kalyani's mother-in-law is still brooding over the death of her son Shankra. Meanwhile, Kalyani tells her that Fatima's baby is being brought to the house. But her mother-in-law turns furious and orders her not bring the baby. Kalyani opposes her by saying that can not be done. Her mother-in-law now decides to teach her a lesson.

Hosamane's guards and Kavita Bailhongal inform him that Shyamala Jogalekar is dead. He is very happy and planning to celebrate the moment, when the news turns a rumour. So he angrily chides and send them out.

Poorvi is baffled by the questions of QTV journalist girl. When she continues to ask more baffling questions, she scolds her and send her out.

Kalyani's mother-in-law meets Mitra and makes allegations on her that she is not respecting her words. So she reveals her decision to kill Fatima's baby. He is speechless at her wilderness.

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