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No buyers for Prem Adda?

Director-turned-actor Prem, probably for the first time in his career, seems to be facing the situation where TV channels are unwilling to buy the rights of his movie. His next movie Prem Adda starring himself and directed by Mahesh Babu has not fascinated TV channels, as nobody is coming forward to acquire the television rights.

Prem Adda has been in the news from the day it hit the floors. Often, the film hit the headlines for wrong reasons and recently it created controversy over the track, 'Melkote...'. Despite being in the news, it appears like the film has not garnered the audience attention. If the Gandhi Nagar rumour mills are to be believed, the poor performance of his last few movies have made channels to have second thought about the upcoming film.

A leading television channel, which had acquired the rights of his directorial Jogaaya and Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melede, is not confident of Prem Adda after his two movies failed to impress the audience. It is not willing to seal the deal and postponing the discussion for one or the other reason. Story continued in the slide...

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