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Bigg Boss: Rishika not sweet for settled inmates

Rishika Singh was overwhelming welcomed by existing inmates last weekend. In no time, she started bonding with all the contestants. But the actress now seems to have become a bitter pill!

As we all know, Bigg Boss assigned Rishika Singh to be the Commissioner of the latest game task - Bigg Boss Olympics. It has given her full power to control the contestants and to make them follow all the rules.

The housemates, who are used to commit mistakes in the tasks, are finding it difficult to fall in the line as Rishika Singh is strictly following the rules. The actress is picking up minor issues and warning contestants, which have not gone well with the inmates.

Rishika And Nurse Jayalakshmi At Loggerheads
On 45 day, an argument broke up from nowhere between Chandrika, Rishika Singh, Arun Sagar and Nurse Jayalakhsmi. While they were pointing something out about the game, the actress, after sharing her views, was not willing to hear others' opinion.

"I have told my views but I am not bothered about what others say. Please don't tell me anything," Rishika was seen saying. While Chandrika and Arun left the issue, Nurse was unhappy. She claimed, "When she could share her views, why not us? What sort of logic is it? We patiently heard what she was saying but when we started expressing, Rishika just walked out..."

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