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Bigg Boss Kannada: Day 56-57 Highlights

The atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house, after the entry of Yogish, has not done any good. In fact, the other inmates like Narendra Sharma, Vijay Raghavendra and Anushree were seen discussing about voting Yogi and Nikita out of the game show.

Yogish married Nikita in the last task and he has been retained without any power inside the house. The actor could stay in the house until Nikita gets eliminated. Bigg Boss has not permitted him to take part in voting process and nobody could vote directly him out.

Water Crisis Hits Bigg Boss House
Nikita along with Yogish, Vijay Raghavendra and Anushree were seen playing in water. This did not go well with the Bigg Boss and they were punished for violating house rules. The boss asked them to do 100 sit-ups. Last but not least, the water supply was stopped and the swimming pool was emptied.

Inmates Suffer...
Inmates suffered a lot after the Bigg Boss stopped the water supply. They were seen requesting to forgive them and provide water to fulfil their basic needs. Narendra Babu Sharma, in his usual style, went up to the camera and told that it was unwise for him to punish them for others' mistake.

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