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Bigg Boss: Day 58 Highlights

The inmates woke up to previous day's water issue on day 58 at Bigg Boss house. This obviously irked them and made them curse the house for taking the tough stand against the contestants.

First among them to come out in open and express his unhappiness was new entrant Yogish. He dared to curse the Bigg Boss with 'F' word for not providing sufficient water to them. He is probably the first inmate to have used such language against the boss.

Other inmates, cautiously, avoided cursing the Bigg Boss. Hence, they requested to supply the water. Later, all the inmates headed by Narendra Babu Sharma stood before the camera and requested in one voice to provide them water. They also begged sorry for their mistake.

Finally, Bigg Boss was convinced and provided the water. But the boss clearly told them to use the water judiciously as it is very precious. The water supply was stopped after inmates Nikita, Yogish and a few others played in the water. Well, they are also made to understand that if it repeats again, the boss will take the tough stand.

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