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Bigg Boss: Vinayak Joshi discharged from mental asylum

Bigg Boss house turned into a mental asylum last week. The inmates were divided into two teams - doctors and patients. While Vijay Raghavedra, Vinayak Joshi, Aparna, Nurse Jayalakshmi and Thilak belonged to the first category; Chandrika, Narendra Babu Sharma, Ansuhree, Nikita Thukral and Arun Sagar were assigned to act like patients.

In the last weekend, the sword was hanging over the head of Vinayak Joshi and Chandrika. As expected, it was the young actor, who was shown the door by the Bigg Boss. As Vinayak failed to get maximum votes from the inmates and people, he was eliminated from the reality game show. And Chandrika had a sigh of relief after Sudeep announced the verdict.

Vinayak Joshi got emotional when the verdict was announced by Sudeep. He was in no mood to leave the house, but without any other option, he came out with frowned face. The host tried his best to console him and convinced him that it was just a game show.

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