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Bigg Boss: Emotional moments for inmates after 70 days

It has been a tough time for the inmates of Bigg Boss Kannada all these days. The contestants, who have entered the show, from different paths and walks of life have struggled to survive in the game. They have left their loved ones behind and have been leaving like common man in the house.

Many at Big Boss house were getting home sick. In fact, we have clearly seen few contestants finding it difficult to stay away from their families. Hence, Bigg Boss decided to give them some relief and bring back the lost joy.

Chandrika was in a huge surprise when she saw her son inside the show. The thrilled mother hugged and kissed her son to express how much she missed him all these days. But it is only for a limited time and the kid was asked to leave the place. Nonetheless, it was a memorable moment for her inside the house.

However, other inmates were not aware of many more surprise. The Bigg Boss decided to make them very happy the next day after the visit of Chandrika's son. As Vijay Raghavendra was getting up from the bed, he saw his wife Spandana entering the house and we could just imagine how he would have reacted to it. Continue reading the story on the slideshow...

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