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Sudeep to enter Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss Kannada is heading towards 75-day mark and is getting better with each passing day. The game show has successfully garnered a lot of public attention and has won good appreciation from audience for its engaging content. With lots of drama and fun, the show has managed to attract the viewers.

Now, to add more excitement, the show organisers reportedly want to send its anchor Sudeep into the house. According to reports, Kiccha is likely to stay with the inmates for a day. The contestants will royally treat him during his visit and the actor will spend one day with them. The purpose of the visit is to know their situation personally and for better understanding about the conditions that they live with everyday.

Sudeep heads to Lonavala every Thursday to shoot the special weekend episodes, which get huge TRPs compared to week-day episodes. However, it is not sure when Sudeep is going to enter the house. Today, he has left Bangalore to shoot the next episodes. Continue reading the story on the slideshow...

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