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Bigg Boss: New task keeps Sharma fuming

Inmates of Bigg Boss Kannada could not enjoy the hangover of Vijay Raghavendra's birthday celebration of previous day as the boss came up with a difficult task for the contestants. They were forced to woke up early and were made involved in a task related to saving water.

Bigg Boss had hinted recently that the forthcoming tasks would get tougher in the coming days. As said, the latest task is taking a toll on the bodies of inmates. The contestants have been given a 1,000-litre Sintex, which has four holes.

All they have to do is to prevent water from getting leaked by using their hands. They could also use their fingers to fill the gaps and no other parts or things could be used to prevent the water from leakage.

It looked funny in the beginning, but as the time progressed the contestants realised that it was a difficult task. Nonetheless, it was fun watching them struggle to prevent and see their frustrated talks on the show.

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