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Nikita Thukral: Sanjjanna-Rishika are messy girls!

Sanjjanna and Rishika Singh who were inside the Bigg Boss for a few weeks, may have been eliminated, but their memories are still fresh in the minds of inmates. Not necessarily fond memories as they were part of a debate related to cleanliness.

On day 62, Nikita Thukral and Narendra Babu Sharma were engaged in a conversation that accused Sanjjanna and Rishika Singh of being messy. It was surprising to hear from Nikki as she appeared like a good friend, at least in the Bigg Boss house, talking about the Ganda Hendathi actress.

"Sanjjanna was a messy girl. She was throwing things here and there," Nikita was seen telling this to Narendra Babu Sharma, who agreed with her. He added, "Rishika Singh is also the same. She was talking too much, but when it comes to works, she was unclean." Nikita too agreed when Swami said it. Their comment does not end here as they said the same about Rohan Gowda. Continue reading the story on the slideshow...

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