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Bigg Boss - I tolerated Thilak's cheap comments thrice: Sanjjanna

Written by: Prakash Upadhyaya

Sanjjanaa Galrani is the talk of the town. The Bigg Boss Kannada has become a windfall for the actress as she is getting never-before attention from public and media. The gorgeous lass spoke to Oneindia about her experience, Thilak and more....

Share your experience at Bigg Boss house.
It was a very different and unique experience. Something that I have never experienced it before. I was not used to the 'strict' atmosphere, yet I enjoyed every bit of it. My friends' list got just bigger with the inclusions of Anushree and Aparnaa akka. I also got to know about Narendra Swamji whom I consider as a father figure. And there was Nikita, who is a good friend of mine even before I entered the house.

There were others with whom you did not along...
Obviously, we cannot gel with each and every person. Every individual has his own likes and dislikes, and bonding with everyone is quite impossible.

You looked very uncomfortable staying in the house with Thilak.
I was fine with Thilak. He has been a good friend of mine. But his careless comment did not go well with me. I tolerated his cheap comments thrice but fourth time I could not digest. I really lost my patience at his stupid remark. I told him that I did anything and everything for a film. It is limited to films and nothing beyond that. He said, "Picture alli nim jothe yella ag hogide ri (We have done everything in the film)." Nobody will pass such comment to an artist and that too on a game show. He did not understand that I am a woman and to what extent such remarks will hurt me.

Woman's group called once I came out and enquired about the remark. They told me why I did not slap him when he made such comment. I did the movie very long ago. I have acted with some of the fine actors like Mohanlal, Mammootty, Suresh Gopi, etc. I have worked hard to reach till here and he should respect it. However, my reaction came when I was very angry and I feared that people would mistake me from those comments. Anyway, we can't undo the incidents that happened in the past. Continue reading the interview on the slideshow...

I Do Not Regret At All

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