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Bigg Boss Kannada (Day-7,8 Highlights) - Ganda Hendathi's Insecurities

The first week at the Bigg Boss Kannada house has come to an end with the elimination of Nurse Jayalakshmi and the second week has begun with interesting things happening between the housemates.

Day 7 and Day 8
Narendra Babu Sharma, in his usual way, spoke out without worrying about the outcome and the crew of Bigg Boss on a few occasions beeped objectionable verbal content mouthed by the Swami.

The entertaining part of the day was the growing insecurities of Sanjjanna and Thilak, the Ganda Hendathi lead pair, and Thilak and Shweta Pandit's bonding inside the house.

An easy comment made by Thilak to Sanjjanna irked the latter. She was seen fuming all through the day after that incident. So, what did he say?

Though it was not clear, it is assumed that it was an over-friendly statement that did not go well with Sanjjanna, who has been wanting to vote out Thilak from the day one at Bigg Boss Kannada.

Soon after he passed the comment, Sanjjanna warned him not to make such loose statements as whole Karnataka is watching them. She even went on to say that he was like her brother! Continue reading on the slideshow to read interesting statements made by her...

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