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Kiccha Sudeep Praises Tony To Heavens

The list seems to be getting endless. On Monday (August 19), we read about Shivaraj Kumar watching Srinagar Kitty's Tony and praising the movie. The latest person to appreciate the movie is none other than Kiccha Sudeep.

Kiccha Sudeep has said encouraging words and has praised Tony to heavens. He has pinpointed the idea and concept of director Jayatheertha and Srinagar Kitty's decision to opt for the project. The movie was screened for the Kannada superstar immediately after the release of the flick.

He said, "I have been planning to watch Tony for a week. But I couldn't see for some reasons. I was not aware of Jayatheertha before. I had met him in the Bigg Boss show. I just knew that he had done one movie,"

He claims, "After watching Tony, I felt like Jayatheertha has special brains. I watched the movie without any expectation at Renukamba theatre and thoroughly enjoyed it."

Kiccha explains, "Tony is a different kind of movie. There are four tracks in the storyline. I liked the message in the movie too. Enjoying small things in life is very important because those are the moments that you get in your day-to-day life."

"Before Jayatheertha, I would like to give credit to Srinagar Kitty for having confidence on such a subject," Sudeep credits. Continue reading the story on the slideshow...

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