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Ravichandran death news shocks fans

A hoaxer almost succeeded in spreading a shocking false news about the death of Crazy Star Ravichandran. A man named Shivakumar went on print obituary pamphlets saying that the actor has committed suicide and his fans mourns his death.

According to Suvarna News, Shivakumar came to a printing press and ordered for about 10,000 copies of the obituary pamphlets on Thursday morning (June 13). When the owner of the Nandagokula press shockingly enquired about the death news, he claimed that Ravichandran committed suicide since he was unable to clear the loans.

Shivakumar further claimed that Ravichandran's brother Balaji alias Eshwar confirmed the news to him. But the press owner grew suspicious and decided to take his photo and record his video to be on the safer side. Well, sensing danger, the miscreant escaped from the place. Later, they filed a case in a nearby police station.

Meanwhile, Ravichandran appeared on the same channel and laughed off at the news.

Ravichandran death news shocks fans

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