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Let's Salute Muthina Haara on 67th Independence Day

There was frustration, worry, emotions and a message. It won huge appreciation from all across India, yet failed commercially. It was said that the film was a landmark flick in the Indian cinema, but the producers suffered heavy losses. Nonetheless, even after 23 years of its release, people salute the movie, actors and filmmakers for making such a wonderful film in Sandalwood.

If you are still not sure, the movie is none other than late Vishnuvardhan's Muthina Haara. The film was produced and directed by SV Rajendra Singh Babu. At a time when stars used to make short-lived masala films to make quick bucks, the filmmaker had dared to do a war-drama. Babu spent massive budget on the prestigious film and did not compromise on any aspect. Be it at shooting at sensitive places or roping in legendary classical singer, M Balamuralikrishna, he did his best on the quality of the movie.

Indians are ready to celebrate the 67th Independence Day tomorrow (August 15). On this occasion, we would like to remember the critically-acclaimed Muthina Haara.

Muthina Haara Cast & Crew
Dr Vishnuvardhan, Suhasini Manirathnam, Ashwath, Ramkumar, Master Anand and others were in the cast.

Hamsalekha had composed five original songs for Muthina Haara. The songs were highly successful and the track 'Devaru hoseda premada daara...' was rated as a classic. No words to express the cinematography of DV Rajaram. Other crew had also contributed a lot to give a great look to the movie.

Many movies were made in Indian cinema on wars. But nobody had thought about its after effects and what war means to the humanity. Filmmakers never questioned why war is necessary, why wars are happening in different parts of the world, etc.

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