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Deadly Combinations Of Kannada Film Industry

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Actor, director, producer, music director and few others play a dominant role in the process of movie making. We can also see few combinations in Kannada film industry, who have become noted for their work (movies). Be it a director, actor or a producer, few of the combinations have been identified in Sandalwood as 'Deadly Combinations' for their Blockbuster hits in Kannada film industry. See the photos of deadly combinations of Kannada film industry in the photo gallery...

Dr Rajkumar And Chi Udayshankar

Music composer Chi Udayshankar's music was must in Kannada's cultural icon Dr Rajkumar's movies.

Vishnuvardhan And Dwarkish

Vishnu and Dwarki was known as 'Kalla Kulla' in Kannada film industry. Dwarkish had produced many movies, which had Vishnuvardhan in the lead role.

Vishnuvardhan And S Narayan

Sahasa Simha Vishnuvardhan and director S Narayan has given many number of Blockbusters in Kannada film industry.

Ravichandran And Hamsalekha

Like the combination of Dr Rajkumar and Chi Udayshankar, Ravichandran and music compose Hamsalekha's combinationwas also famous in Kannada film industry.

Shivaraj Kumar And Upendra

Hattrick Hero Shivanna and director turned actor Upendra are known for their Sandalwood's all time best flick Om.

Shivaraj Kumar And Jogi Prem

The combination of Shivaraj Kumar and director Prem could be seen in Kannada's biggest Blockbusters Jogi and Jogayya.

Upendra And Gurukiran

Gurukiran's music is must in all the movies of Upendra. The duo are presently working for Uppi 2.

Jaggesh And Guruprasad

Actor turned politician Jaggesh and director Guruprasad are known for their critically acclaimed movies Mata and Edelu Manjunatha.

Puneet Rajkumar And Duniya Soori

After Jackie and Anna Bond, Power Star Puneet Rajkumar and director Duniya Soori have now teamed up for Dodmane Hudga.

Duniya Vijay And Duniya Soori

The successful combination of Duniya - Vijay and Soori, have also adapted their screen name after the film. The duo have also given another Blockbuster Junglee.

Ramu And Om Prakash Rao

Director Om Prakash Rao has given many Blockbuster movies like Lock Up Death, AK 47, Kalasipalya, Ayya and others, which were produced by Ramu.

Darshan And Om Prakash Rao

Challenging Star Darshan and star director Om Prakash Rao had given the Blockbuster movies like Kalasipalya, Ayya, Yodha, Prince and others.

Darshan And Dinakar

Dinakar Thogudeep has produced and directed the movies like Navagraha and Sarathee, which has given a huge break in his brother Darshan's career.

Yash And Jayanna

Distributor Jayanna has produced many movies, which had Rocking Star Yash in the lead role. From Yash's Drama to recent offering Gajakesari, distributor Jayanna was seen as the producer.

Yogaraj Bhat And Ganesh

The combination of director Yogaraj Bhat and Golden Star Ganesh are famous for Sandalwood's all time best romantic movie Mungaru Male. The combination of the duo was also seen in Gaalipata.

Ganesh And MD Sridhar

After the Blockbuster hits like Chelata and Krishna, Golden Star Ganesh and director MD Sridhar has now teamed up for Buguri.

Yogaraj Bhat And Diganth

Diganth, who came to limelight with the cameo role of Mungaru Male, has also played lead role in few Blockbuster movies of Yogaraj Bhat like Manasare and Pancharangi.

Yogaraj Bhat And V Harikrishna

As Chi Udayshankar for Rajkumar's movies and Hamsalekha for Ravichandran's movies, music composer V Harilkrishna's music is a must for Yogaraj Bhat's film.

Ajay Rao And Shashank

The successful combination of Krishnan Love Story - Ajay Rao and director Shashank, have now teamed up for Krishnan Love Story 2.

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