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Lucia vs Enakkul Oruvan

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Kannada film industry is notorious for churning out remakes every year. Many of the super hit Kannada movies over the last few years have been a remake of other regional language movies. Amidst these remakes, Pawan Kumar's Lucia stood out as one original movie that was appreciated by both critics and the viewers.

The moviehas became so popular that many celebrities like Irrfan Khan, Vivek Oberoi and Siddarth praised the movie. Siddarth is now starring in the Tamil remake of the movie which has been titled as Enakkul Oruvan. Kannada actress Deepa Sannidhi has been cast for the role portrayed by Shruthi Hariharan in Lucia.

It will be interesting to know how the Tamil remake will fare against the original movie. The original movie got rave reviews for the storyline, direction and brilliant acting by Sathish Neenasam. What stood out in the movie was Sathish's ability to move in and out of the two very contrasting characters.

Below are some screenshots comparing the two movies.

Sathish vs Siddarth

Sathish Neenasm was a revelation in Lucia. Will Siddarth be able to play the role of a villager?

The superstars

Siddarth has always been stylish. However, Sathish did bring on his charm in the role as a super star actor.

Shruthi or Deepa?

Will Kannada actress Deepa Sannidhi's acting match to the stellar performance done by Shruthi Hariharan in Lucia?

The chemistry

Sathish and Shruthi shared great chemistry in Lucia. Siddarth and Deepa will have to match up to this great performance!

The Supporting actor

Achyuth Kumar as Shankaranna won the filmfare award for best supporting actor. Will Adakalam Naren match up to it?

Appearance of the actor

As a villager, Sathish was very natural in his appearance. Siddarth however looks a bit artificial here.

The village accent

One of the highlight of the movie was Sathish's fluent village style Kannada. Will Siddarth be able to do the same in Tamil is a question. 

The songs

Apart from the movie, the songs of Lucia were also great hit. So far Enakkul Oruvan has recieved positive response for the music.

The struggle

Sathish portrayed the struggle of the village boy to win a girl's heart brilliantly. Can Siddarth do the same?

The landmark movie

Lucia in many ways was a landmark movie in Sandalwood. Enakkul Oruvan has huge task cut out to match up to it.

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